Scotties Recycle

We recycle high quality garments and accessories by local and international designers. Items are sold on your behalf and we offer the option of a cheque or store credit.

Your garments are itemised on a docket with the retail price which will be sent to you and you may phone us at any time to see what goods have sold. Unfortunately we are unable to contact each customer individually as each item sells.

If you choose to spend your credit with us we will charge a 45% commission.
If you wish to take a cheque the commission will be 55%.

Items not sold after 4 weeks are reduced by 20%, after 8 weeks 50% and after 12 weeks are removed from sale for you to collect. Should items be of particularly high quality especially unworn, allowances will be made for this.

We advise you when your garments need to be collected. Should you live outside the Auckland area arrangements can be made for their return to you.

Items removed from sale and not collected after 2 weeks are donated to charity unless other arrangements are made. Many customers choose for their garments to be donated should they not sell but of course this will not happen should you specify otherwise.

Garments must be in suitable condition for sale, if they require cleaning they will be drycleaned and charged to you at $9.50NZD per garment.

We take all care to keep your garments safe but cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

If you’d like us to recycle your pre-loved garments please email us or bring them to Scotties 2 Blake Street, Ponsonby, Auckland.

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